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We want everyone to know how they can be certain of eternal life in heaven.

If you're unsure of where you'll spend eternity, please take a moment and select one of God's Bridge menus on the left and see how you can be assured of having eternal life in heaven.

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Mud Monster Miler 2017

Join us for the MUD Monster Miler coming June 10th this year! 
We're raising funds for new cabins for RBC which you can see in the slideshow above.

Help us see souls brought to Christ and grow in their walks with Him!
Register & take part in the fun:
    Individual Registration
    Family Registration   (it says 'Individual' at the top - that's expected)
$35 per person before May 29th, $55 after.
$150 per family (4+) before May 29th, $175 after.

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