We want everyone to know how they can be certain of eternal life in heaven.

If you're unsure of where you'll spend eternity, please take a moment and select one of God's Bridge menus on the left and see how you can be assured of having eternal life in heaven.

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Spring & Summer Camps

Here's a quick look at 2018's Spring and Summer Events:

     3rd & 5th: Prime Timers
     13th - 14th: Father and Son Retreat
     26th - 28th: Ladies Retreat

     4th & 5th: Nehemiah Work Days
     18th - 19th: College and Career Retreat

     9th: MUD Monster Miler Fundraiser
     18th - 22nd: Junior Week One

     16th - 20th: Junior Week Two
     20th - 21st: Pee Wee Camp
     23rd - 27th: Teen Week One
     30th - Aug 3rd: Teen Week Two

     6th - 10th: Junior Week Three
     13th - 15th: Spanish Teen Camp
     15th - 17th: Spanish Junior Camp

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